Transportation and Mobility


With our partners and community stakeholders, MMDC is working to improve transportation and mobility options for getting to and getting around the Medical District. Our options must work to connect people to their jobs, support people receiving care, and access the neighborhood places and public spaces in the District.  


The Memphis Medical District Collaborative and a number of public sector partners is launching a Transportation Management Association (TMA) that will provide coordinated transportation and parking services to its members. The TMA will expand transportation options beyond commuting in a single-occupancy vehicle, and promote those services to employees and students in the Medical District. Reducing parking demand is a key initiative that helps create a District that has a unique and attractive identity, an active public life, and a connected transportation system that is accessible to motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, transit riders, and other users. For more information contact Sydney Sepulveda,



The Memphis Medical District Collaborative in partnership with Innovate Memphis is working with our Anchor Partners to create a mobility plan for staff, students, and visitors to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles coming to the District everyday to decrease this number by seven percent in the next two years. We, in collaboration with our Anchors, create an individualized plan with each institution to meet their specific needs in helping us achieve this goal. To see an example, click here.



The Memphis Medical District Collaborative will provide a Mobility concierge for each institution to help support the implementation of the mobility plan. Examples of concierge services are one-on-one travel planning, Lunch and Learns, Transportation Tuesdays, and Mobility Mondays. For more information contact our mobility concierge at



Groove is an MMDC program that makes it easier for you to get to, from, and around the Memphis Medical District. Groove assists employees, students, residents, and visitors in finding and choosing mobility options that work best for them. Groove partners with RideAmigos to help track and plan your commute, as well as participate in commute challenges and win prizes. To learn more about the program or sign up for RideAmigos, visit the website.

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