“I like that biking makes me feel more connected to my neighborhood. Driving makes you feel very distant by not only being enclosed in your car, but also because you’re moving at such a quick speed, you really only focus on *driving.* However, when I bike, I can be more present. It’s nice to get some fresh air and sunlight before being trapped inside for 12+ hours and the ride in really helps me wake up and psych myself up for the day. On the way home, the quick ride helps me have a minute to be quiet and unpack what happened during my shift. Besides all that poetic and spiritual and healthy stuff, it’s downright faster to bike. From my front door to the time clock is 6 minutes if I’m riding at a casual speed, 4.5 min if I’m booking it. On the other hand, driving takes about 13-15 min because I have to go through the parking garage and and then walk across the street.”