Developers and businesses interested in investing in existing space or new construction in the Medical District can apply for up to $5,000 to offset pre-development costs. Eligible activities include: architectural drawings, design renderings, business planning and more! For more information click here.

Real Estate

The Memphis Medical District sits between Memphis' thriving Downtown to the west and Midtown to the east.  With eight major institutional partners, the District currently has over $3B in collective capital investments planned and many new retail and residential projects in the pipeline. With over 24,000 employees and students and more than 10,000 residents, the Memphis Medical District provides a host of opportunity and potential for real estate projects and investments. From planning and providing capital to large-scale projects to working with small scale developers, the Memphis Medical District Collaborative provides services and tools that help to transform ideas into funded projects. 

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Market Studies & Data

The Memphis Medical District consists of 700+/- acres of world class medical institutions. Over the next three to five years, these institutions have projected that an additional 5,000 – 6,000 new jobs will be created as the Medical District continue to grow. With this growth, demand for housing and retail services increases proportionately within the Medical District. Current market conditions are unable to support growth potential in both the housing and retail sectors of the market.

MMDC has market studies, data, and a host of information for developers and businesses considering the District. We are happy to provide more information for specific data requests.

Retail Market Study

The retail market study provides projected supportable retail development by industry type within the Medical District.

Residential Analysis

The residential analysis study provides quantitative market information for the housing market inclusive of housing type (single, multi family, rental/ownership) and projected supportable development.



The small stuff matters.  Small-scale projects offer a huge opportunity to strengthen our neighborhoods. 

Whether you already have a project idea or you’re just curious about infill real estate development, you can benefit from the Emerging Developer Boot Camp. We have events designed for people at various stages in the development process, with each event building on the ones prior. Learn more here.


Development Incentives

MMDC works closely with developers in order to help advance projects in the District.  MMDC can provide some modest financial incentives, and can also provide information and guidance on financing and stacking incentives provided by partners such as the Downtown Memphis Commission.

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