Placemaking is the process of working collaboratively to create quality public spaces that contribute to people’s health, happiness, and connection to place. MMDC works with neighborhood stakeholders to ensure that it is improving the quality of public spaces within the Medical District. Check out our extensive playbook that highlights opportunities for future placemaking projects.

Featured Project: Edge Triangle

In collaboration with Memphis College of Art (MCA), University of Memphis Design Studio (UMDC), the Edge Neighborhood Association, and the Downtown Memphis Commission (DMC), the Memphis Medical District Collaborative (MMDC) repurposed an underused strip of greenspace now known as Edge Triangle.

Today, Edge Triangle is a vibrant space accessible to residents, students, and employees of the Memphis Medical District. On any given day, one might see people taking their dogs to the off-leash area, rearranging moveable seating for lunch, or playing the sound wave instrument.

To learn more, please download the case study of this project.

Say Hello.jpg


In 2017, the MMDC introduced the District to its “Say Hello” campaign.  Signage, benches, and installations were unveiled throughout the District to help provide a sense of place for the District and to be more welcoming to employees, students, residents, and visitors.