Eligibility Requirements

Any full-time or part-time Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare (MLH) Associate working at an MLH site located within one mile of the defined Medical District is eligible to participate in this program. This includes any MLH hospital, physician practice, urgent care center, outpatient clinic and corporate department.

Full-time or part-time MLH Associates must also be in good standing to be eligible to participate in this program. 

PRN Associates, temporary staff, students and externs are not eligible for participation in this program.

Applicants may only apply for one of the incentives.

Rental Incentive

New renters with up to a $2,000 allowance toward the cost of their apartment when relocating within the incentive areas for a lease term of not less than one year.

Existing renters within the district with an allowance of $1,000 over one year when an existing lease is renewed for a term of not less than one year.




Purchase Incentive

The Live Local Medical District Program provides new homeowners relocating to the district with a one-to-one matching forgivable loan up to $15,000 toward the purchase or new construction of their primary residence.





The Live Local Medical District Program provides existing homeowners in the district. The program offers a 50% match to participants for exterior home repairs. The maximum reimbursable amount is $5,000.

Application // Checklist// Guidelines

Residential Property Map


1) The map depicts potentially available properties and known apartment buildings. This map is meant to be used as a supplemental tool for your housing search, but some listings and information may be out of date, incomplete, or incorrect. The MMDC will make its best effort to keep all information and available properties up to date; however, the best sources for information are real estate agents and property managers.

2) Property incentives may differ from what is offered by your institutions program. The incentives listed at the top of the page and in the program guidelines determine your maximum subsidy.


For eligibility questions contact:

Marian Harris

Associate Relations Specialist & Interim Worker’s Compensation Admin