Thinking about walking?

Walking is healthier, more social, and often just the break you need between home and work. Walking can also make you more connected with your community around you.

How to get started:

Here are some things to think about for a safe and pleasant time walking.

  • Use Google Maps to find a route from home to work. Make sure you know the distance and how long it will take so you don’t have to rush.

  • Look for things to see or do along the way -- like a coffee shop that you can make part of your routine.



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Additional Resources:

  •  Walkscore

    This website helps you get an idea of what walking in Memphis will be like, what areas are easiest for navigation, and more. Learn more, here.


  •  The Benefits of Walking 

    This article explains how walking can benefit you in more ways than one. Read more, here.

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