Thinking about carpooling?

Did you know?


Want an easier way to work? How about sharing the ride with one or two other commuters? Your trip to work will be more relaxing when someone helps with driving and you'll have more money in your wallet when you share the cost of gas.

You can carpool every day or just occasionally — it's a sociable way to start and end your work day, and with just one rider, you cut your commute costs in half. Plus, some institutions in the Medical District are offering incentives like prime parking for carpoolers, so you’ll spend less time finding parking once you get here.

How to get started:

  1. Connect to RideAmigos online to find or form a carpool, or even just to arrange an ad hoc ride.

  2. Sign up for Shelby County’s Emergency Ride Home. This will provide up to six free rides home per year in the event of an emergency. This is the perfect back up plan for carpoolers, giving peace of mind so you can carpool with confidence.

  3. When in doubt, contact your Groove concierge – we’re here to help! If you lose a member of the carpool and need help finding a replacement, call us at 901-701-7939.


Go to your RideAmigos account or app and log your success!


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