Thinking about Bicycling?

If you live within 10 miles of work, bicycling takes about the same amount of time as driving a car to work. Plus, rather than being stressed from driving to work, the exercise of bicycling actually relieves stress. Bicycle commuters often say their commute is the best part of their work day!

More, the City of Memphis is adding new bicycle lanes each year for comfort and safety — making bicycling a great choice for commuters.

You can get started on your bike commute in three easy steps:

  1. Prepare:

    Learn how to perform the ABC Quick check on your bike.

    Make sure you have the equipment that makes riding safer and easier like a helmet, white front light, red rear reflector, a lock, and a way to carry your things.

  2. Try it out:

  • Plan your route from your home to work and how long that will take you to ride, and don’t forget to find out where to park your bike.

  • You can drive to work with your bike and try riding home.

  • Pick a day with no meetings, activities, or errands and commit to riding into work for the first time. Put it on your calendar, tell a friend -- or better yet invite them to ride with you!

  • Still need help? Get a Bike Map here or request one from your Groove Concierge.

3. You are ready to ride:

  • So you’ve scheduled the day you will ride to work – let’s make sure you’re ready to Groove! Here is your checklist for the night before your ride so you can be as successful as possible.

  • Do a quick ABC check on your bike.

  • Put all your things in one convenient place, including your - clothes, bag, helmet, and lights.

  • Consider your alternate ride home if anything goes wrong. Are you carrying flat repair items like pump or gas cartridge, new tube, and tire tools? Have you downloaded a Lyft or Uber app or gotten a co-worker’s number in case you need to be picked up?


Go to your RideAmigos account or app and log your success!

Additional Resources:

Here are some great resources for you to learn more on how to make biking easy and safe for you. 

How to Perform an ABC Quick Check:




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