Job Opportunities


The Memphis Medical District Collaborative (MMDC) seeks a qualified Program Associate to join our growing team. Established in February 2016, MMDC is a not-for-profit, community development organization committed to strengthening the communities between and around the eight major anchor institutions in the Memphis Medical District. MMDC seeks applicants who have a proven record of developing, operating and managing community development programs, projects and activities in existing urban contexts.

The Memphis Medical District is home to eight medical and educational anchor institutions and more than 9,500 residents. Together, the institutions have more than 24,000 employees and students, a collective operating budget of $2.7 Billion, are in the midst of more than $3 Billion in planned or current capital expansions, and control more than 250 acres of real estate. The institutions, along with local and national philanthropy support the work of MMDC to revitalize the Memphis Medical District and create a vibrant link between Downtown and Midtown Memphis.

MMDC Program Portfolios

MMDC’s approach is comprehensive and inclusive of residents, employees, students, and visitors to the district. MMDC focuses on the following five program portfolios:

  1. Quality Public Spaces – Parks, Streetscapes, Landscaping, Placemaking, and Programming.
  2. Clean and Safe Streets – Coordination of greening, cleaning, and safety efforts across the District.
  3. Community & Economic Development – Supporting and connecting the diverse neighborhoods in the district through growing and attracting small businesses, as well as programs focused on economic inclusion.
  4. Real-estate – Cultivating a rich environment for appropriate development with a focus on creating mixed-use, mixed income places.
  5. Transportation – Working with anchor institutions to launch a Transportation Management Association to increase transportation options to and around the Medical District.


If you are interested in applying, please submit your resume and cover letter to In your cover letter, let us know why you are interested in this type of work and specifically what your experiences have taught you about how design of the built environment, transportation options, and community work together to make great places.