Market on Madison

Market on Madison is located in Madison Heights and is co-owned by Chuck Guthrie and Larry Tyger. They house antiques, vintage and retro gifts, decor, jewelry, and candles. They are located at 1339 Madison Avenue. You can like/follow them on Facebook or stop by. They are open Tuesday - Saturday 10AM-6PM and Sunday 1PM-5PM. 


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business?

In the past, I owned a store about 25 years ago. I had an antique store in historic Collierville Square, then went on to have a corporate job in advertising and marketing for Kirkland’s. Presently, I had a vision to open this store about 4 or 5 years ago. Myself and my partner have been collecting and were searching for just the right place for us in Memphis. After looking at many places, myself and my husband Larry decided to pioneer the way in this area. We opened here last February.

 What attracted you to the Medical District?

We loved the big, glass, open windows so that people can see what’s going on. We fortunately have been successful and well-received by not only locals, but people that drop by from other places- whether they’re from out of town or other parts of Memphis. We knew that the trolley would be coming this way, and we had the support of MMDC taking the project on and believing in it. As we pioneered into it, we believed in it, too.


 Can you explain the process of looking for your products and finding the right antiques to stock your store?

Many people ask if we go to estate sales. We usually don’t. We find that we are able to sell our items at prices lower than estate sales because estate sales have gotten so expensive lately. We have spent years- and still do- driving to different parts of Tennessee, Arkansas, St. Louis, and beyond. We go to flea markets and small areas that are exciting to work with, and we have fun finding gems and treasures. We are our own little pickers, trying to find things that we think our customers would be excited about. 

 Have you ever received any business supports from Memphis Medical District Collaborative?

We did. We were recently awarded an Event Grant and were able to put on a successful event that drew in a lot of people!  We appreciate that.

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 Do you have any special or most popular items?

It seems like a lot of people in this area have homes without large closets. Anytime that we can find an armoire or wardrobe- that is a hot item. People like to have something to hang their clothes in and store in. Another thing that’s a big deal around here are our candles. They are made by Mrs. Terry- she’s popular around some of the local shows. We have got them boxed in our own label now for $19.95!

 Do you have any recurring events here?

Occasionally, we’ll have a weekend called Margarita on Madison’s. You can come in and have a little something to walk around with and just enjoy shopping!

 How can people get in touch with Market on Madison?

We are on Facebook at Market on Madison. Customers are always welcome to call as well.