Bike to Work Day 2018

SUPPORT Memphis commuters fuel up for their rides into work on National Bike to Work Day (B2WD) Friday, may 18th

People are more likely to ride their bikes for transportation when there is built-in social support. MMDC would like to start a new tradition in Memphis’ Medical District: Fueling Stations. B2WD Fueling Stations are HIGH ENERGY stops that help keep the momentum going! They include food, water, swag, music, supportive faces and more! We are looking for organizations to show off their personalities and support active, healthy transportation options.


We are looking for Fueling Station partners!

MMDC will provide food for at up to 5 Medical District Stations and volunteers for each station.

We want the act of commuting by bike to be CELEBRATED and the people who choose to do it to be REWARDED with tasty treats, rockin’ music, and high fives! Successful stations in the past have offered:

  • Personality of host organization, e.g., healthcare show off your care for health, public services, your areas of excellence, etc.
  • Volunteers to represent your company/organization
  • Music
  • Bike safety checks
  • Swag: T-shirts, bike bells, other collateral
  • Pop-up shops (local vendors)

When will the Fueling Stations be open?

  • We are aiming to have stations ACTIVE from 6:30 am until 9:00 am Friday, May 18th. We want you to be ready to welcome those EARLY BIRDS, so plan to have your volunteers start setting up by 6:00 am

Who can get involved?

EMPLOYERS: Show support for your employees and students by hosting a station.

  • Provide a table and some of your high energy staff to talk with station visitors

  • Communicate internally to make sure your employees know about the station and are encouraged to bike to work
  • Provide branded images for a welcome sign or banner
  • Invite community partners to participate with you.

LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS: (Neigborhood associations, local business, recreation centers, faith communities, restaurants, schools) can either collaborate with a Medical District employer or host your own station.

  • Collaboration: Let us know you would like to participate as a partner. By April 27 we will let you know the hosts for the our 5 principal stations and give interested organizations ways to collaborate.
  • Host: Let us know you're interested in hosting a station, we will definitely be able to provide “how to” and communications support, we may be able to provide additional resources depending on specific arrangements with our five primary stations.

BIKE SHOPS: We would love for you to bring information and support people bicycling, e.g., bike safety checks, helpful how-to information, helpful information on planned improvements, cycling activities, etc. (Give away swag is always welcome.)